Front-end Frameworks

Static websites do not change. Their structure and presentation is entirely determined by the HTML and stylesheets. Staticism, which might not be a word, may be fine for reports, but full applications do change as users load or remove content and reconfigure the interface. Dynamic web apps need something more powerful than HTML and CSS: they are powered by JavaScript.

Scripts in a web app have the following jobs:

As an app grows, these jobs become increasingly complex. But do not fear: Silicon Valley has swooped in to make life easier for webdevs everywhere. You have a number of tools at your disposal to ease the burden of creating dynamic web apps. The most popular tools at present are React, Angular, and Vue. All three help you manage dependencies, wire up callbacks, and define reusable page elements. You're not quite sure what their differences are, but people on the web sure do have opinions about which is better. You are above the fray. You flip a coin and settle on React as the first to learn.