Unforget App

You have a new idea for an app. As you get older and your focus is more fractured, you're finding that you aren't hanging on to memories. You decide to fix this by devoting some time each day jotting down notes about what happened that day. You want to store these notes so that you can retrieve them later. When you add a new entry, you also see what happened a year ago on that same day, two years ago, and so on. You consider these names for your app:

You settle on Unforget.

To make adding journal entries easier, you decide to build a complete web app that consists of a front-end client and a back-end web service. The client will run in any web browser and communicate with the web service. The web service will translate the HTTP requests into SQL queries and run them on a relational database. The database will be hosted on the same server as the web service.

In these next several pages, you will build the back-end web service and database. The front-end is a matter for another day. You will build it using React.